Gourmet drives and crates: Michelin-starred chefs reinvent themselves

Paris (AFP) - At the time of the coronavirus, haute cuisine in France rhymes with gastronomic "drives", cardboard plates and crates: the starred chefs are returning to the kitchen and reinventing themselves to fight the gloom that weighs on the catering industry.

Nothing foreshadowed such a turn for Jean Sulpice, from the Auberge du Père Bise in Talloires, in Haute-Savoie, a chef for whom gourmet cuisine, with its associations of flavors and textures, "needs to be explained" and is inseparable from the artistic dressages and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Yet this "cook of the year 2018" from the Gault and Millau guide and 2 Michelin stars is one of the first to have organized a "drive" and sells saddles of lamb at 22 euros or sweetbreads with morels.at 35: "an accessible gastronomy so that people appropriate the restaurant at home", he told AFP.

"The goal is to reinvent myself because even when we are going to open - and we do not yet know the date - my professional life will no longer be the same", underlines the chef who is now getting used to cooking with it.masks and gloves.

- imagine an "after" -

"There is a before and an after and this after, I am learning it": in Kaysersberg, in Alsace, the two-star chef Olivier Nasti delivers "bistronomic" dishes within a radius of 20 km or in formula "drive" with the order directly placed in the customer's safe.

"Delicate" pricing, "eco-responsible" cardboard plates, "locavores" products from farmers, breeders and market gardeners hit hard by the crisis: the formula is seductive.In the first four days, 700 orders were placed.he with AFP.

He has also rented a "food truck" which he intends to set up opposite the vineyards."If I can't find solutions, I'm on the ground".

Posted Date: 2020-11-09

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